Our Vision

All poor and underserved people in our community will have quality health care.

Our Mission

To advance equity in health care coverage, access and quality for poor and underserved people.

Board of Directors

Brad Stratton, Chair
Dana Abraham, Vice Chair
Tom Carrico, Treasurer
Chad Moore, Jr., Secretary
JC Cowden, M.D., Program & Policy Committee Chair
Raymond Rico, At-Large Member
Judy Works, At-Large Member
Brenda Sharpe, President
and CEO

Heather Flick
Linda Hall
Vicki Hohenstein
Syrtiller Kabat, Ph.D.
Andrew Klocke
Jon Marshall
Stuart Munro, M.D.
Tim Spilker
Rachelle Styles
David Thomas

Front row: Vicki Hohenstein, Linda Hall, Brad Stratton, Dana Abraham, JC Cowden, Syrtiller Kabat.
Back row: Jon Marshall, Judy Works, Raymond Rico, Andrew Klocke, Rachelle Styles, Stuart Munro, Chad Moore,
Tim Spilker, Tom Carrico, Brenda Sharpe.
Not pictured: Heather Flick, David Thomas.

Community Advisory Committee

Denny Kurogi, Chair
Shelly Phalen, Vice Chair
Angela Henry Eyster, Secretary

Joan Cabell
Marearl Denning
Jim Echols
Addie Hawkins
Kevin Klamm
Patti Miklos Boyd
Todd Pleimann
Jennifer Rhodus
Ann Swarts
Cecilia Ysaac

Front row: Kevin Klamm, Cecilia Ysaac, Shelly Phalen, Todd Pleimann, Jennifer Rhodus, Jim Echols, Joan Cabell,
Denny Kurogi, Addie Hawkins, Brenda Sharpe.
Not pictured: Patti Miklos Boyd, Marearl Denning, Angela Henry Eyster, Ann Swarts.

Foundation Staff

Brenda Sharpe
President & CEO
Jo Yun
Vice President of Finance & Operations,
Chief Financial Officer
William Moore, Ph.D.
Vice President of Program & Evaluation
Becky Benak
Director of Grants & Operations
Carla Gibson
Senior Program Officer
Dawn Downes
Senior Program Officer
Pattie Mansur
Director of Communications & Health Policy
Georgeann Hemry
Executive Assistant
Mathew Davis
Office & Communications Assistant